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Affordable Innovations that create true value to farmers

e-Farm NXT Card

No more one coat fits all approach with respect to soil nutrition, irrigation, incident, input use and soil recommendations. For farmers that drive future agriculture
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Raíz (Optimization Technology)

Raíz (Optimization Technology) brings farmers super healthy crops overcoming the limitations of their soil capabilities. Raíz innovation gets farmers produce what they always wanted. Fellow farmers keep asking innovative Raíz farmers, How do you do that ? and get a smile in return always.
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& Innovation never stops here

We keep enriching our product and service portfolio to continuously deliver significant value to the farming community. If there is an innovation anywhere around the globe which has real value to farmers our commitment is to make it easily accessible to AgroNxt farmers
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AgroNxt Farmer App is a mobile based digital ecosystem specifically designed for the farming community in rural areas by acting as a bridge connecting farmers, input companies, input sellers and rural youth. This app is loaded with features such as problem solver tool, seed selector and m-commerce. The problem solver tool enables symptom based diagnosis for different crop problems such as weeds, insects, pests, etc.


Partners are of prime importance to us. We are very careful in starting a business relationship with our partners. We ensure that we both have the same innovation and excellence mentality to serve. Once we establish the association, AgroNxt and partner success become a single goal. we are deeply engaged with our partners on ground to develop robust business and deliver true value.

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